Parisa Babaei — Is you is, or is you ain’t (my baby)?


Installation, mixed media

Parisa Babaei
Is you is, or is you ain’t (my baby)?

Past: September 21 → November 5, 2023

The Project Room is the Frac’s new prospective and experimental space, located in the last room of the Plateau. It offers the opportunity to present research, diploma, grant and residency projects to French and foreign artists, preferably from the Île de France region. This reactive, flexible programming is developed through dialogue with local and international art schools, and through networking with, for example, the France-Lithuania season, the Cité Internationale des arts, Forecast (Berlin), the Atelier des artistes en Exil, etc.

Parisa Babaei was born in Teheran, Iran in 1992. She lives and works in Paris (Bobigny and Pantin).

Inspired by her Iranian and French cultures, her work is mainly based on compositions that combine writing in different languages, common and poor materials, and images or objects from popular culture, all of which can be reproduced in completely original ways in a variety of contexts.

Using visual associations and mise en abyme, her installations combine objects, photographs, editions, videos, texts and sound archives, humorously revealing the hidden meaning of a personal political history. The diversity of universes is enriched by analogy or visual correspondences, creating a poetic absurdity that reveals a kind of “social surrealism”.

Curator : Maëlle Dault

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