Jan Voss — À suivre…



Jan Voss
À suivre…

Past: November 26, 2015 → January 30, 2016

“Art is not behind us, but ahead of us” asserted Jan Voss recently. This may explain why his new exhibition is entitled “A suivre” [to be continued]… After three well-received exhibitions this summer in La Rochelle, Royan and Saint Malo, and the publication of an important monograph by Hazan, the artist shows us history has not drawn to an end, there are plenty of creations still to come. At 79, he continues to paint, cut out, glue and sculpt with total inhibition. His hands bring shapes and colours together as incongruous objects, mazes with no exits, sparse characters and improvised scenes. These new works manifest the “malicious interrogations” and “subversive games” that, according to Anne Tronche, characterise Jan Voss’ “incessant quest”.


Jan Voss was born in Hamburg in 1936 and has lived and worked in Paris since 1960. His works are exhibited in large French public collections including the National Modern Art Museum in the Pompidou Centre, the Beaux-Arts museums of Toulon and Angers, the Paris Modern Art Museum, and Musée Cantini in Marseille. They are also to found in museums in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Japan and more.


Just published Jan Voss Monograph by Anne Tronche
Editions Hazan, Paris.

  • Opening Thursday, November 26, 2015 at 6 PM
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