Jan Voss — Duo sur scène


Mixed media

Jan Voss
Duo sur scène

Past: March 14 → April 30, 2024

Jan Voss himself presents the new exhibition:

Duo sur scène (Duo on Stage)

“Monsieur Carton Plume (”Feather Board") is a character who is entirely devoid of feathers, yet without having been plucked. He has a soft foam heart and a white skin that protects his heart. Lightweight, he presents himself well, despite his stiffness.
And everyone knows Monsieur Papier, so he needs no introduction.
I chose these two actors to appear on stage at 38, avenue Matignon because of their strong personalities, their distinction and their presence. They don’t speak or write to us (although Monsieur Papier learnt this a long time ago), but through their poses, their way of being, of appearing, and, of course, through the colours of their appearance. A silent show, but not necessarily a mute one.
The colours are bold, robust and contained within limits that Monsieur Plume has carefully controlled; he balances them on relatively stable grid-based scaffolding. We suspect that he’s got a thing for architecture.
Monsieur Papier, on the other hand, prefers the same intense accoutrement of colours, sometimes exclusive, but with multiple tonal interferences. In his case, the contours are less clear-cut, the boundaries between different territories less controlled, with intrusions allowed. We suspect that he’s got a libertarian streak.
Architects, libertarians, immigrants from who knows where, welcome all of you. Your residence permit on these walls is valid."

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38 avenue Matignon

75008 Paris

T. 01 71 72 26 99

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Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

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