Jardin d’été — 8e édition


Performance, sound - music, mixed media

Jardin d’été
8e édition

Past: July 3 → August 30, 2015

This summer, the museum will be offering its visitors a rich and varied programme: as a family, with friends, alone? Looking for relaxation or information? In need of greenery or a change of scene? We have something for everyone: guided tours, the story-telling garden, workshops, taster sessions, electronic siestas… many different ways of taking a summer holiday in the heart of Paris.

Before the inca and the conquistador

Friday, 3rd July, from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Claude Lévi-Strauss theatre

This Before offers an early evening of free festivity on the occasion of the exhibition The inca and the conquistador (22/06/15 — 27/09/15) which combines the exhibition and performances by artists, to discover the musée du quai Branly in a new way.

The inca and the conquistador presents the conquest of Peru through the stories of its two main protagonists, the Sapa Inca Atahualpa and the conquistador Francisco Pizarro. The encounter between these two figures illustrates the confrontation of two radically-different worlds, which, in coming face to face, would experience a profound political, economic, cultural and religious revolution. Their encounter and their conflict would seal the fate of the largest ever known empire in the Americas, the Tahuantinsuyo, Inca Empire, (around 1450-1532), as well as that of the Spanish empire, at that time rapidly expanding under the reign of Charles V.

The exhibition traces key moments in the history of the South American continent from the 1520s until Pizarro’s assassination by his own people in 1541. It is based on Spanish and Andean accounts of the conquest, whose representations of the same events differ widely. Creating a dialogue amongst an array of rare Inca and Hispanic artefacts, the exhibition revisits the episodes of this conquest and focuses on the encounter with the Other.

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The electronic siestas

Every Sunday in July and the first Sunday in August from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm — reservation required

For the 5th consecutive year, The Electronic Siestas set themselves up in the museum’s garden for DJ sets and live to listen to “horizontally” and concerts. Mixing genres, they invite you to enjoy a moment of relaxation against a background of ethno- and electro-music for lovers of this music in these exclusive sessions.

A festival created in Toulouse, The Electronic Siestas have won over their audience with an artistic program largely dedicated to emerging cultures. This project is the fruit of a reflection around the theme of cultural diversity and offers exclusive musical sessions in the museum’s gardens, specially set up for the occasion.

The museum opens up its ethnomusicological collection to invited artistes from five continents, thereby offering interested passers-by ethno-electro music, ideal for relaxing in the “savannah garden” designed by Gilles Clément.

In association with the Toulouse festival Les Siestes Électroniques.

On the program

Sunday, July 5

4:00 pm — Aïsha Devi (Danse Noire / Black Dance) Switzerland

Ritual music in Nepal

She chose to record under her real name, after delighting lovers of electronic music by recording several albums for Mental Groove and Border Community under the pseudonym of Kate Wax. Now heading her own label, Danse Noire, she is not afraid to incorporate into the gabber (type of hard core electro) a dose of spirituality, nor to dissolve fragments of tribal music in the techno. Result: a powerful and corrosive innovation.

5:00 pm — Eric Chenaux (Constellation) Canada

Dub — Middle Ages and troubadours

Just his voice and guitars are enough for this “postmodern troubadour” to experiment and improvise around the traditional folk repertoire. A sort of sound explorer from the “do it yourself” culture, Éric Chenaux investigates sound, puts together his own material and produces ballads with the fresh smell of the Canadian forest.

Sunday, July 12

4:00 pm — Stephen O’Malley (Ideologic) USA

Loving drunkenness in India

He is a figure of the drone doom scene famous for having darkened experimental and contemporary music with his metal influences. Often cited as a reference by a multitude of young composers, somewhat aggravated and ultra-documented, O’Malley has contributed, especially with his project Sunn O))), to make coherence out of the encounters between these dark composites.

5:00 pm — Jericho (La Novia) France

Occitan devotion

Their music is made up of secular and devotional musical repertoires from Occitania, such as a people’s Oratorio setting bodies and voices in motion.

The raw sound is perceived as a preliminary, from which they envisage the pathways leading to the encounter of song and cadenced melodic motifs, thus creating a virgin space offered to the listener.

Sunday, July 19

4:00 pm — Aymeric de Tapol (Vlek) France

Bumblebee & drone

Aymeric de Tapol swings between electroacoustic and drone. In his compositions, you can make out the capture of an environment. His soundtracks take account of a mental landscape, where you can detect the dense matter, the hyper-precision of the sounds, and a work out of art extended over long, hypnotic riffs and tracks.

5:00 pm — Animalsons France

A capella & punchline

Clément Dumoulin (one of the two Animalsons) is a producer and a composer of hip-hop: he is a well-known figure among rap fans, and has been responsible for 20 years for the musical and rhythmic content of numerous big hits. He notably worked with Lunatic, Booba, La Fouine and Joey Starr.

Sunday, July 26

4:00 pm — Wreck Ed (Ed Banger) France

Community Radio

Ed Wreck (Raphaël Le Manchec and Pedro Winter), is a radio project from the Ed Banger label. The post-French stable of Touch de Busy P. has left its mark on French electronic music of the 2000s, giving it a carefree and bigger than life spirit. But behind big fat riffs, he always reveals a sure erudition and a heightened sense of sound design.

5:00 pm — Para One (Marble) France

Field recording, how to use the World

Jean-Baptiste de Laubier is another hybrid and symbolic figure of the French electronic music. Co-founder of the Marble label, he is also known as the producer of TTC, solo artiste, re-mixer (from Daft Punk to Arnaud Fleurent-Didier) and composer of original film soundtracks for Céline Sciamma. Eclectic but always elegant, his head is with Chris Marker but his feet are firmly anchored on the dance floor. He manipulates the codes of the boogie equally well as those of ambient music.

Sunday, August 2

4:00 pm — Zaltan (Antinote) France

Antimatter big bang sound

His label has people talking about him with every release: Syracuse musical geniuses, experimentation from Stéphane Laporte (aka Domotic), Nico Motte and his reinvented 70s, the young Japanese techno prodigy Inoue Shirabe — and also Iueke, co-founder of the label and producer of talent. A panoramic vision of music and an insatiable “digger” spirit…

5:00 pm — Frànçois and The Atlas Mountains (Domino Records) France

Cosmopolitan pop

The first from France to sign for Domino, the label of Hot Chip, Sebadoh and Elliott Smith, they managed to conquer the world thanks to their top-level indie pop. Their music, though apparently naïve, yet emerges from a complex mix of influences. By the summer 2013, the group escaped to African lands to seek collaboration with local artists. This African escapade resulted in the EP “The Quiet Man”.

Summer Lounge

This year the Jacques Kerchache reading lounge opens once more onto the garden.

The Summer Lounge also opens to the garden and is set in the Candi clearing — with parasols, deckchairs, view of the Eiffel Tower… ideal conditions to escape in a book!

With books and activities devoted to the theme of scents: A thousand billion scents, aromas, perfumes and moods to discover and try out. Readings and meetings to find out more about the archaeology and history of perfumes, how the relationship with smell varies according to culture, the role of perfumes in therapy in Borneo, in North-Africa magic and in ritual in various parts of the world.

Following the paths across the moss garden and alongside the theatre of greenery, the public has access to a secret entrance to the Jacques Kerchache reading lounge.

Nomadic books

Visitors to the garden are free to look at Nomadic books, catalogues, documentary books, cartoons, travellers’ tales, stories or illustrated albums … some in Spanish or English.

Sessions of introduction to reading out loud are followed by readings on literature related to scents.
Young facilitators are there to talk to the visitors and help them to choose books and different activities. Visitors and Internet users share their memories of smells connected with their travels in the golden book of the Summer Lounge or on social networks.

Games from four continents
Fanorona from Magagascar or Bagh Chal from Nepal… Board games from the whole world over are waiting for young and old.

> All afternoon (except Mondays) from 1:00 pm in the garden

“The museum in music” application

This application invites you to discover the music of the world with:
 — the secrets behind the scenes of the musical Instrument Store
 — a browse through some fifteen instruments from the four continents of the permanent collections: sound extracts, video of manufacturing techniques, auditory recognition experience… come and explore the five new staging posts!
 — numerous interactive games, never previously seen, based around musical instruments
 — all this through two modes with varied content: “At the museum” or "Remote”

Explore the garden of the musée du Quai Branly

Situated in the heart of Paris, the garden of the musée du quai Branly, designed by the landscape designer Gilles Clément, with sponsorship from the GDF SUEZ Foundation, surrounds the architecture of Jean Nouvel, creating an impression of abundance and invites you to meditate and dream. The garden is a meeting place for all the audiences, a flexible space, swaying gently, where the distance one normally takes from nature is replaced by a scenography focusing on a feeling of immersion.

With 16,000 m2 planted, it brings together trees and plants that emerge from a meadow of tall grasses, russet or fair, crossed by narrow paths linking the clearings with each other. Open onto the local area and freely accessible by the public, this natural backdrop for the collections of the museum lives the year according to the rhythm of the events, meetings, installations and other activities offered there.

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Opening hours

Tuesday & Wednesday, Sunday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Thursday – Saturday, 11 AM – 9 PM

Admission fee

Free entrance for this event

The artists

  • Aïsha Devi
  • Éric Chenaux
  • Stephen O’malley
  • Jéricho (La Nòvia)
  • Aymeric De Tapol (Vlek)
  • Animalsons
  • Ed Wreck (Ed Banger)
  • Para One (Marble)
  • Zaltan (Antinote)
  • Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains (Domino Records)