Jean-Marie Appriou


Mixed media

Jean-Marie Appriou

Past: September 14 → 21, 2012

As a guest at the Air de Paris Vitrine, Jean-Marie Appriou will be presenting a selection from two new series of ceramic sculptures devoted to vampires and dwarfs.

Observing the principle of analogy between subject and method, he gives his ceramics a frankly telluric dimension, never hesitating, for example, to complement mineral matter with fur or other items from the living world. This is sculpture that involves shaping, firing, transformation and intermingling in terms of meaning as well as materials. Just as his flamboyance finds expression in raw technique, folklore leads him to formal subtlety and profundity, notably in the beings on show here: vampires and mythological figures.

Air de Paris Gallery Gallery
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43, rue de la Commune de Paris

93230 Romainville

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Bobigny – Pantin – Raymond Queneau

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Tuesday – Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM

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  • Jean Marie Appriou