Jean Pierre Schneider — 10 ans de complicité



Jean Pierre Schneider
10 ans de complicité

Past: February 2 → March 11, 2017

From our meeting with Jean Pierre Schneider we liked the themes of his paintings, stemming from poetic or philosophic reflections of Jean Genet, Serge Dagerman, Marguerite Yourcenar or Bernard Chambaz.

These themes arrive by dishing, by the need for a shape, for a space and take then further a name :
Tightrope walkers: " nothing more connecting you with the ground, you can dance without falling " (Genet) curved boards: " nobody can demand from the sea that it carries all the boats " (Dagerman)
Bowls: " finally he founded the hollow which he was looking for " (Yourcenar)
An autobiographical work which gives a part to life’s accidents.
Touching and without cheating.

The following steps are : Icare, in Pietà, Tightrope walker, in the Curved Boards, black stones in the big lands, to end in Vedute, spaces of meditation, its most recent works.

He says: “I am similar to the surface, in other words to the skin” the material is in matt and smooth coats offering himself to an incisive line.
We can notice a very old collaboration with Tal-Coat.

  • Opening Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 6 PM
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