Jeongmoon Choi — Quake, shock, seismograph


Installation, mixed media

Jeongmoon Choi
Quake, shock, seismograph

Past: September 5 → October 10, 2015

Jeongmoon Choi likes to create a paradoxical impression of solidity and vulnerability on whomever walks through her installations. The thread structures that she stretches out from floor to ceiling hold the reality of bodies and architectural constraints tightly in order to orchestrate its dialogue. They deliver an appreciation both physical and psychological of the places they transform into a field of energy.

The installation that Jeongmoon Cho has imagined for her second personal exhibition at the gallery pushes further this interaction between bodies and space. She converts the waves created by the movements of the visitors into the matter of her work. Visitors are invited to walk through a zone marked out with a thread structure sensitive to vibrations. Inside this perimeter, a mechanised sculpture transcribes the intensity and the frequency of the movements onto unwinding paper.

The artificial nature of this surveillance mechanism converts the gallery into a laboratory, a space under pressure. The machine and the bodies are the protagonists of a theatre that is both controlled and open to the unexpected and whose rules have been carefully established by Jeongmoon Choi.

The artist says she is particularly interested in the memorial nature of the seismographic drawing that graphically transcribes the pulse of the earth. Her 3D installations already sculpted the movements of her body into an aesthetic that is similar to that of vectorial imagery. Every time, her goal is to eventually open perception to the sensorial dimensions of the experience.



Jeongmoon Choi was born in 1966 in Seoul, Korea. She works and lives in Berlin. She graduated from the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in Cassel and has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Sung-Shin, Seoul. The following are some of her recent personal exhibitions: DISLIMITATION -Positions to drawing, Schloss Plüschow, 2014, IN.VISIBLE, Maximilians Forum, Munich, 2014, Explorer, Karst, Plymouth, 2013, Dialogue linéaire, galerie laurent mueller, Paris, 2012 and Drawing in Space, Weisser Elefant Gallery, Berlin, 2012. She also regularly takes part in collective exhibitions such as, lately, Red Never Follows at the Saatchi Gallery, London, 2013.

  • Opening Saturday, September 5, 2015 5 PM → 9 PM
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