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Jérémie Delhome
Sans objet

Past: January 14 → February 25, 2012

“Today is a transition from yesterday. In the great pit of forms lie broken fragments to some of which we still cling. They provide abstraction with its material. A junkyard of unauthentic elements for the creation of impure crystals — this is where we stand.”

Klee, Paul. The Diaries of Paul Klee (1929)

Marie Cini presents Jérémie Delhome’s first solo exhibition entitled “Sans Objet”.

Faced with the works of Jérémie Delhome, the viewer must be questioning. The paintings of the artist are sometimes silent, seeming unwilling to yield hints or codes. Enigmatic, they seem set against deciphering.

Every surface makes room for a single object only, reduced to itself against a single-colored background, without any other form of representation. The focus of each canvas is not to be designated with a single name for it is the result of a complex process of amalgamation and hybridization. It looks like something familiar but its name — as well as its meaning — remains elusive.

The paintings exhibited at Marie Cini’s appear both as an inventory of unexpected proposals, but also as a contribution to the abolition of existing genres. Neither still-lifes nor landscapes, even less portraits, they are part of all of the above, on account of a voluntary equalization due to the technique and color used. Each painting outlines only a single object, but the subject is ambiguous enough to go beyond its range. Hovering on the space of the canvas, almost never blocked by a horizon drawn or suggested, it floats between various temperaments and recognitions.

Jérémie Delhome confronts an object dissociated from genre and technique, or reality and its representation — an object that the viewer does not know yet and will discover with surprise by following the painter as a unique object.

Jérémie Delhome was born in 1981 in Paris and is a graduate from the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Marseilles. He lives and works in Marseilles.

  • Opening Saturday, January 14, 2012 4 PM → 9 PM
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