Jeremy Deller


Painting, photography, video

Jeremy Deller

Past: October 19 → November 24, 2012

For his third exhibition at Art:Concept, Jeremy Deller takes us for a dive in apnea through History with the aim of making us consider the place that we occupy in nowadays society. Self-taught and uncontaminated by art-school teachings, Deller in turn adopts Pop, funny and somtimes cynical styles. Through pieces such as A time Before Shopping, which is a wall-painting that represents a trilith of the Stonehenge, or through the pictures of young gymnasts doing flips in the megalithic temple which he has turned into a bouncy inflatable castle, the idea isn’t so much to commit Sacrilege (which is the title of this surprising piece) as to bring together two cultures separated by centuries and organize their playful confrontation.

Aurélia Bourquard
  • Opening Thursday, October 18, 2012 6 PM → 11 PM
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