Jeremy Shaw — Phase Shifting Index


Installation, sound - music, mixed media

Jeremy Shaw
Phase Shifting Index

Past: July 1 → 27, 2020

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Since the mid-2000s, the Canadian artist Jeremy Shaw (born in 1977, based in Berlin) has established an original artistic approach that combines sources of inspiration ranging from spiritual beliefs to neuroscience.

His fascination with the scientific progress around the human mind and the mechanisms of perception is coupled with an interest in subcultures and techno culture. Jeremy Shaw presents at the Centre Pompidou his first major museum exhibition in France with a new immersive project, “Phase Shifting Index”, which follows his trilogy “Quantification Trilogy”, of which the Centre Pompidou acquired the video “Liminals” in 2017, previously presented at the Venice Biennale in 2017.

At the entrance, the visitor discovers kaleidoscopic prism object containing archival photographs showing images of religious or festive transes subjected to a fragmentation process. In addition to these photographs produced for the exhibition, Jeremy Shaw specially designed a large installation for the “Galerie 3” of the Centre Pompidou. The piece consists of seven video screens showing groups of dancers performing ritual and cathartic movements until they synchronize in a moment of collective ecstasy on a single sound and visual tape. The music, first medium of this artist who was a famous DJ and recorded under the name of Circlesquare, plays an important part in this vast choreography.

The dancers’ faces are then distorted on the screens by using a computer graphics tool. Confronting rational and spiritual aspirations in a posthuman future, the video installation “Phase Shifting Index” bewitches as it frightens, dissolving the limits of image and sound, exciting the viewer’s perceptive nerves shared between ecstasy and self-ascended fear.

The Centre Pompidou has joined forces with the Swiss Institute, New York, the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) and Dark Mofo, Hobart, Tasmania and the Frankfurter Kunstverein to co-produce the film presented in the exhibition and show it in three different forms, from February 2020 at the Centre Pompidou, then in April at the Swiss Institute (2 April-14 June 2020), and finally in June at Mona (6 June 2020-5 April 2021). The Centre Pompidou and the Swiss Institute have co-edited the artist’s first complete monograph, published in French and English.

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