Jin Bo — Exposition personnelle


Drawing, painting

Jin Bo
Exposition personnelle

Past: February 5 → March 16, 2013

Jin Bo was born in 1978 in Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia (China), lives and works currently in Toulouse. Working on photographic illusion with a technique that emphasizes movement, the lyricism of light and matter, Jin Bo seems decrypt worlds complex human unconscious with his passions, his dreams, but his inter-Interior, dark and tortured.

It follows from his works unsettling contrast between motion blur expressed on canvas and accuracy, thoroughness of the work of the great artist borrowed Masters of Italian painting. These bodies and faces distorted, moaning in a complaint silent witness to the violence of nature and among men.

Jin Bo freezes moments that leave seemingly innocuous yet stigma indelible deepest beings. By aligning these ghostly figures, which go on the web as fleeting moments, the artist highlights the contradiction of the contemporary world in which it operates and who built it. "When I painted, I’m looking elsewhere, "says Jin Bo “a poetic and dramatic resonates in each of us.”

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