Joe Clark — Shimmer


Installation, photography, video

Joe Clark

Past: November 22 → December 22, 2012

Xpo Gallery presents the first Paris show of Joe Clark

Clark’s work orbits the photographic image, testing his relationship to it by approaching it’s making and display from various formal and technical perspectives. This body of work pays particular attention to the exotic and the creation of desire and otherness. Familiar signifiers such as sunsets, palms and the desert are brought into play and given an unusual emphasis.

The title of this show ‘Shimmer’ alludes to his perception of the photographic image as a compelling and untrustworthy mirage. He is both fascinated by its workings and compelled to reveal them. Clark behaves almost as a painter- composing works via a personal and formal language, manipulating both the materials in front of the lens and those of the displayed image, leaving clear markers in the work that allow the method of production to be traced and understood. The graphic language of his works which is sometimes more and less legible functions as a leitmotif for how he sees photography in general: highly suggestive of order and meaning but evasive of absolute apprehension.

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