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John Chiara

Past: October 26 → December 8, 2018

Galerie Miranda presents the exhibition _California/Mississippi _by San Francisco-based artist John Chiara (b. 1971).

Since 2004 Chiara has used photography to pursue the metaphorical association between memory and place, “Photography has a long a complicated relationship with memory, which seems to always be in flux. Memories are unbound, with divergent edges. You have to move around in them to get to points of clarity. … As time passes, the tie to what the memory was originally linked to can loosen, but the visual image remains.”

The exhibition will present selected works from two landmark series in the artist’s practice, distinguished by its incredible physicality due to the transport and handling of the giant cameras built by the artist. The design of the cameras allows the artist to simultaneously shoot and perform his darkroom work from within the camera itself and the resulting unique images are recorded directly onto oversized photosensitive paper. This process invites anomalies in his final prints that create a rawness but also a lyricism in his pictures.


2%20chiara%20john%20bundy%20at%20armacost%20variation%20b%202012%20los%20angeles%20series 1 medium
John Chiara, Bundy at Armacost Variation B 2012, Los Angeles Series
3%20chiara%20john%20michigan%20at%20cloverfield%20variation%20a%202012%20los%20angeles%20series 1 medium
John Chiara, Michigan at Cloverfield Variation A 2012, Los Angeles Series
4%20chiara%20john%20payne%20at%20stovell%202014%20mississippi%20series 1 medium
John Chiara, Payne at Stovell 2014, Mississippi Series
5%20chiara%20john%20mulholland,%20cornell,%20strauss%202012%20los%20angeles%20series 1 medium
John Chiara, Mulholland, Cornell, Strauss 2012, Los Angeles Series
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