Jonathan Zawada — Kindred Spirits


Graphic design

Jonathan Zawada
Kindred Spirits

Past: February 7 → 25, 2012

Exhibition “Kindred Spirits”, January 30 — February 25
Kindred Spirits is a collection of print works which explore the value of the image in a disorienting world where visual culture is defined by an assortment of images out of context, a subject he also explores on his blog Fashematics. The show comprises pieces from an ongoing body of work that explores the simple manipulation of found imagery, utilising techniques from collage to Photoshop to custom coded image distortion algorithms.The work is essentially image-play, a kind of visual theatre sport where everything is liberated from style, concept and context and simply is.
Jonathan Zawada is a visual artist and a graphic designer who works across — and between — the two disciplines. He has exhibited in Los Angeles, Sydney and Barcelona with shows that have presented oil paintings, drawing, sculpture and installation. Additionally he works as commercial designer with a wide array of brands and individuals across fashion, music and publishing, producing graphic, illustration and product designs. He has become best known for his varied approach to the discipline of design, working across many different mediums and visual styles.

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