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José Medeiros

Past: October 5 → November 13, 2011

This exhibition features a series of prints from an outstanding reportage piece made by José Medeiros in 1951 for the magazine O Cruzeiro. Entitled As Noivas dos deuses sanguinarios (Brides of the Bloodthirsty Gods), it covers an initiation ceremony that forms part of the Afro-Brazilian religion candomblé in the city of Salvador de Bahia. The photographs show the different phases of the ceremony: reclusion of novices, dances, incisions made in the scalp and on the arms, animal sacrifices, etc. When it was published, the piece was met with strong disapproval from many candomblé believers in Bahia, who saw it as a violation of its secrets and a profanation of sacred places. Despite this it was hugely successful and became a well known reference. Beyond the controversy, the photographs of José Medeiros remain some of the most important ever taken on this subject, and are now considered landmarks in Brazilian photography.

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5-7, rue de Fourcy

75004 Paris

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Pont Marie

Opening hours

Wednesday – Sunday, 11 AM – 8 PM
Fermeture les 25 décembre et 1er janvier (fermeture des expositions à 17h les 24 et 31 décembre)

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Full rate €8.00 — Concessions €4,50

Gratuit aux moins de 8 ans, personne handicapée, personnel de la Ville, carte presse et les mercredis entre 17 et 20h

The artist

  • José Medeiros