Juan Uslé — La noche se agita



Juan Uslé
La noche se agita

Past: November 30, 2017 → January 20, 2018

Juan Uslé is an artist who understands the meaning of time, not only theoretically but also practically. He paints with a deliberate slowness, often at night, to the rhythm of his beating heart, his breathing, after reading texts that encourage him to dream. He likes the vibrations of silence and hates to hurry. He tests his paintings, one by one, leaving plenty of space around them, in the calm of his studio, alone or with a friend, in Saro (Cantabria) or in New York, where he has been based for nearly 25 years. He likes to paint either very large or very small canvases; the tension between these extreme formats stimulates him.

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This new exhibition presents paintings from 2017, including two very large works that exceed the dimensions he has hitherto preferred. One is blue and the other two-tone and both bear the name of rivers, because there is a flow in these surfaces that are simultaneously static and vibratile; they will be accompanied by the family of works he has entitled “Soné que revelabas” and a group of small canvases, each illustrating that sensitive touch that has become his “signature”.

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Juan Uslé was born in Santander in 1954. His works hang in a number of museums in Europe (Musée national d’art moderne, Paris; Tate Modern, London; Irish Museum, Dublin; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Reina Sofia, Madrid; Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart and Munich…) and in America

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13, rue de Téhéran – Second espace au 38, avenue Matignon

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T. 01 45 63 13 19 — F. 01 42 89 34 33



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Tuesday – Friday, 10:30 AM – 6 PM
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