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Juan Uslé
Lines & Horizons

Past: November 21, 2019 → January 18, 2020

Juan Uslé is a discreet artist who produces a silent, poetic and musical body of work. Away from the hustle and bustle of life, he often paints by night in his house in Saro, Spain, or in his studio in New York, two havens of meditation. His pulsatile and regular movements align with each other, the colours appearing to the rhythm of his heartbeat. In his paintings and drawings, he alternates with deliberate slowness between ample gestures and more reduced movements, distributing over the canvas or paper a gentle and captivating energy, a voluptuous ponderation. The artist allows his brushstrokes to overlap and creates more or less extensive sequences that produce variations in lighting. In his work, wide dark bands of colour, often grey and black, echo the lines of bright colours that capture the very essence of the stroke. Between the shadow of ash and the light of renewal, in moments of concentration, Juan Uslé reaches vibration and creative energy.

En benissant 4 juan usle slash paris 1 medium
Juan Usle, En Benissa (4), 2018 Watercolor — 12 × 9 in Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Lelong & Co., Paris

Born in 1954 in Santander, the artist splits his time between Saro, in the lush green hills of Cantabria (Spain) and New York where he has lived for more than 30 years. His works hang in a number of museums in Europe (Musée national d’art moderne, Paris; Tate Modern, London; Irish Museum, Dublin; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Reina Sofia, Madrid; Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart and Munich) and in America. In 2014, an important exhibition of the Soñe que revelabas series was organised by the Kunstmuseum in Bonn; this year, a series of paper works will be shown at the MACE Arsenal in Ibiza.

The gallery will be closed from 22 December to 6 January inclusive.

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