K8 Hardy


Collage, photography

K8 Hardy

Past: March 30 → May 14, 2011

K8 Hardy (born October 27, 1977) is a Brooklyn based artist working mainly in video and performance. Hardy is one of the founding editors of LTTR, a radical gender-queer, lesbian-feminist art collective and journal. She also works as a fashion stylist for clients including Fischerspooner and has made music videos for bands such as Lesbians on Ecstasy and Le Tigre.

Her worked is influenced by second-wave feminist artists. She explains, “I’m not out to prove any theories. That’s a position I take. It’s one of anti-oppositional politics. I think it is often assumed that feminist work is trying to prove something, which is bizarre to me. The assumption that feminism is inherently didactic or polemic is so patriarchal” (White, 20). She has also referred to Chantal Mouffe’s ”Artistic Activism and Agonistic Spaces“ as a source of inspiration. Mouffe writes that artists, ”can play an important role in the hegemonic struggle by subverting the dominant hegemony and by contributing to the construction of new subjectivities"

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