Karine Rougier — La rythmique des manœuvres



Karine Rougier
La rythmique des manœuvres

Past: September 6 → October 19, 2013

Karine Rougier presents a hitherto unseen installation of oil paintings. Known mainly up to now for her drawing skills, the artist transposes her universe inhabited by strange characters, animals, masks and chimeras all the while considering the plastic properties provided by this new medium.

It seems reasonable to detect in Karine Rougier’s work the synthesis of two ways of bringing art into being, two ways which would at first seem antagonistic. The surrealists were the first to incorporate the mechanisms emanating from so-called “outsider” art into their official practice: depiction of characters, landscapes inspired by traditions and folk tales, forms stemming from handicrafts, simple techniques — drawing, painting — poor quality or salvaged mediums, automatic writing embodied by the obsessional repetition of the theme opening the door of the unconscious, ever more denied by the positivist rationalism which prevailed in the avant-gardes of their time. Karine Rougier seems to openly claim inspiration from this fruitful hybridity. Over the years, she has developed a formal expressionist vocabulary giving room to eroticism, to the dream world, to childhood and its bestiary, to baroque characters travelling along gossamery paths through impossible architectures, isolated or, quite the opposite, huddled in compact masses on what has become her trademark, the grand aigle format (i.e. 75 × 106 cm) where the whiteness of the paper echoes the ever renewed possibilities of the human psyche. The numerous collectors of her art have not been wrong: and they savor the work she is offering while she is still among us, a work disregarding conceptual vanity to honestly express the vicissitudes of our mysterious and pointless lives.

Karine Rougier was born in Malta in 1982. She graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts d’Aix-en- Provence and lives and works in Marseille. She was awarded the Mécènes du Sud prize in 2010. She has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions in France and abroad.

Her work is also exhibited from September 16 to 26 at the Patio Art Opéra (Paris) in the solo exhibition Visite des formes organized by the Art Collector prize which Karine Rougier has been awarded in 2013. A second catalogue dedicated to her work will be published on this occasion by Art Collector.

Dorothée Dupuis, May 2013
Baraudou Schriqui Galerie Gallery
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