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Katinka Bock
Ateliers d’éditions

Past: October 28 → December 7, 2019

“Commotions” is a project for a journal that was initiated by the artist Katinka Bock to coincide with the exhibition of her work at Lafayette Anticipations.
Led by Thomas Boutoux (critic, publisher, teacher) and Clara Schulmann (critic, teacher), with graphic designers Pierre Pierre, the project aims to create a journal — from producing content to publication — in just 24 hours, ready for visitors to pick up the following day.

4 working sessions for 4 issues.

4 sessions, each of which answers a question about commotion: how do we sense it, how do we hear it, how do we feel it, and how does it spur us into action? Whereas the exhibition takes place over an extended period, our idea is to accelerate that time through the production process. Commotion brings with it the tumult of the outside world and the urgency of the events we want to talk about.

4 sessions with a different editor each time but always an audience of students (in dance, literature, philosophy or art) and jointly led with guest artists. We want to invite, hear, have write and react a public who are training in various disciplines, and whose consciousness and lucidity will set this project in motion.

4 sessions that highlight composition in the widest sense: images, texts, translations, drawings — as many forms as commotion can gather and which gain from being produced collectively. The installation of an editorial desk inside the exhibition space makes this composition a temporary protagonist of the exhibition; one that is capable of reshaping its contours.


  • Monday October 28
    “how to sense commotion”, with Thomas Clerc.
  • Wednesday November 20
    “how to hear commotion”, with Luke James.
  • Saturday November 30
    “how to feel commotion”, with Francisco Tropa.
  • Saturday December 7
    “how commotion spurs action”, with Natascha Sadr Haghighian.

Each issue of “Commotions” is intended as a meeting space that looks beyond borders, hence Katinka Bock has asked artists for a visual or textual contribution. Guillaume Leblon, Jumana Manna, Nina Beier, Haig Aivazian, Johannes Schwartz, Jason Dodge, Nina Canell, Louis Lüthi, Marie Lund, Saadane Afif, Thea Djordjadzé, Paloma Bosquê, Luke James, Thomas Clerc and Francisco Tropa have accepted this role of “foreign correspondent”.

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