Katinka Bock — Les mots de demain


Ceramic, drawing, painting, performance...

Katinka Bock
Les mots de demain

Past: December 9, 2011 → February 3, 2012

Dsc 1122 original grid Katinka Bock — Demain sous un autre jour Oscillant entre traces et disparition, présence et absence, les œuvres de Katinka Bock activent des processus en même temps qu'elles témoignent de leur(s) action(s) dans le temps, notamment sur la matière.

Katinka Bock usually presents memories as impressions in the form of rubbings, foldings or even as a puddle of water on the floor of an exhibition space. As relics revealing the temporality of the creative process, her works testify to a kind of stasis, or perhaps an internalisation of actions. Katinka Bock runs the risk of being unable to control the exact shape of her works, to determine which traces of their previous version will remain visible, and, indeed, what the object will ultimately look like. But this challenge is less a burden than an inherent part of the works, because the final product is always the result of multiple processes and decisions where chance also comes into play. This should be seen as a rejection of form itself, when the sculptor introduces (poetic, and sometimes even humorous) processes which virtually illustrate her own failure and turn this instant into a theme in its own right.

In the exhibition Les Mots de demain, the visitor encounters a number of traces which he goes through as so many sedimentary layers.

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