Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber — True Copy



Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber
True Copy

Past: November 8 → December 17, 2011

Exhibition, Portfolio, New Issue

After last year’s show of their collaborative portfolio “O.i.F./Movie Locations” at Florence Loewy’s, Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber now present an exclusive portfolio with 2 × 5 prints of two juxtaposed series and release the new issue of their photo-zine ”Böhm".

Two individual series brought together under the title "True Copy". Both series deal with the relation between reality and photography:

In his ongoing series "Album", Oliver Sieber — referring to the sculptures of Duane Hanson — deals with the relation between sculpture and photography. Photography ewokes the illusion of a real sculpture — the impression of a three dimensional object in the two dimensional photography is just a deception.

Katja Stuke’s new series "2nd Generation Portraits" was developed at first on the occasion of a "Photobattle" — an exhibition and performance which she realized together with the japanese artist Yoshinori Henguchi in Osaka and Düsseldorf this year. Moriyama’s idea of "the photographer beeing a copy mashine" lead to this new series of portraits taken from advertisements in urban environment.

Florency Loewy will show an exhibition with origial prints from the portfolio and celebrates the new issue — a look-alike fanzine dedicated to "Böhm Issue #3", made in China.

Stuke and Sieber are both photographers based in Düsseldorf. For twelve years they have published the photo-fanzine "Die Böhm". A wide universe has evolved from this magazine that appears quarterly in a limited edition. Under the label "Böhm/Kobayashi Publishing Project" Stuke and Sieber have bundled their versatile projects. Since 2005 there is the virtual exhibition space "Böhm Handelszentrum" where they invite photographers and video artists and present their works. Furthermore the couple realises events like release parties or workshop talks, as well as book projects and photo editions. Annualy since 2010 they organize and curate ANTIFOTO, which was established to show the various aspects of the medium photography.

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