Kévin Monot — Paris


Collage, drawing, painting

Kévin Monot

Past: February 22 → March 30, 2013

In the universe, planets, stars and galaxies take place from each others in a balance of unspeakable physical forces. This image of these integral bodies connected in a network space can describe the principle of Kevin Monot interventions. Works on paper and cardboard are organized into sets, governed as much by an artistic will as accidental properties. He observes the place and forms the pieces of furniture with its characteristics. He brings the detail into the equation, fading it or otherwise highlighting it.

The encounter of a singularity and a subjectivity is an important element in the artist creative process. An old stained folded or erased paper find favor in his eyes because of its wasted beauty. There he detects a visual interest, present or latent for colors, textures or traces. This previous story actually contains a repertoire of forms and gesture from which to draw. Through a dialogue, the medias found here and there reveal a unexpected aesthetic purpose.

Kevin Mono leads drawing to a certain easement. He integrates technics from another dimension. The paper is altered by pencil marks, coffee stains, bleach lines, rubber tracks and folds. We can qualify this drawing as plastic or even sculptural. It is fed by hybridations outside its traditional principles which transform it in its own genetical structure. its economy is not reduced to the closed world of a support, it extends to the scale of a space. We are invited to observe the works in their formal autonomy and their own resolution. We also have to pay attention to the interval that separates them. The pictures have a thickness, they are plastic objects in an aesthetic gravity. They induce something unspeakable that plays in this interval.

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