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Mixed media

KLM & Programme de Vie

Past: July 5 → September 6, 2014

La Station presents KLM from Olivier Mosset and Life Program from Patrick des Gachons.

Olivier Mosset in collaboration with Jacob Kassay and Alix Lambert

Olivier Mosset has not forgotten anything of his radicality and his collaborative spirit: continuing his research on the concept of exhibition and the notion of signature, he will present at La Station for the Summer season 2014, works made with Jacob Kassay and Alix Lambert; collaborations or appropriations, these works come to feed problematics developed by Olivier Mosset in his personal practice. Highlighting the importance of materiality, they remind us that art is above all a question of look… Like Stella used to say « what you see is what you see.« 

Life Program from Patrick des Gachons

« Painted on the center of a white background, [a] blue square progresses every year by one percent to tend towards the full coverage of the background. Started according to the 50/100 ratio (blue square/white square) in 1983, it shall reach 100/100 in 2032. The program would be naturally interrupted and the work completed if I were to disappear before this date.« 

By this immutable program, Patrick des Gachons exasperates the components of painting (form figure, composition) to only retain the « truth »: the application of a color on a base. 70 paint flows on average on each piece enable him to obtain a dark blue, which, like with Yves Klein, has a vocation of spiritualism.

Photos luc jennepin 007 medium
Vue de l’atelier de Patrick des Gachons © Luc Jennepin

This daily duty, consisting in reproducing the same painting everyday of the year brings Patrick des Gachons closer to artists such as Opalka, On Kawara or Eric Cameron: « The work of art, ontologically full, superimposes onto the author’s personal time. »

For years, Patrick des Gachons has made a « brutal » update of his works: he covers some of his older paintings in the way of a superimposition: « the past fades off, covered by the present, without completely disappearing however. »

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