Koo Jeong-A


Drawing, installation, video

Koo Jeong-A

Past: November 25, 2011 → January 14, 2012

Yvon Lambert announces the 7th personal exhibition of Koo Jeong-A at the gallery. Following the acclaimed solo exhibition presented at the Dia Art Foundation Koo Jeong-A present at the gallery an important new installation.

Koo Jeong-A’s work is an “archeology” of diverse materials, images and landscapes, excluded and forgotten in the present-day cultural domain, that we often consider non-artistic. Her work, always carried out in situ, is ephemeral. For each intervention, she seeks to assemble all sorts of objects, videos and drawings that she (re)exposes, sometimes hidden from the spectators! view. She accentuates and stages the infinitely small, even the invisible. She reveals the beauty and the poetry of the most common objects and moments.

The way in which it all comes together, the way in which the objects mutually relate to and condition one another, has nothing random about it. Instead, it follows an order, in which microcosm and macrocosm correspond.

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