Los Angeles Contemporary Tendencies


Installation, painting, photography, mixed media...

Los Angeles Contemporary Tendencies

Past: February 10 → March 10, 2012

Our first exhibition will be about meeting and reopening the gallery. Two art lovers Hélène Bailly, gallery owner in Paris, and Annka Kultys, curator and collector, met and decided to share their knowledge and passion. The gallery will focus on international artists and galleries currently showing outside of France.

It was a natural choice to work together with the gallery François Ghatebly, based in Los Angeles, important hub where a lot seems to be happening and real pioneer in the world of contemporary art.

It is therefore with great joy and pride to present to you our first exhibition « LA Contemporary Tendencies 2012 » with artists such as Joel Kayak, Anthony Lepore, Dan Bayles, Michel Decker, Patrick Jackson, Candince Lin, Gina Osterloh, Robert Russel.

Why Los Angeles ?

The city of Los Angeles often considered as a counter current in history of art, becomes today, with its new generation of artists, an incontrovertible place of contemporary art. The natural enthusiasm of people, the space and opportunities that offers the city to the artists and gallerists, the existent museums and the ones in progress, and finally the number of art fairs that keeps growing each year, gives to this city dynamism based on obvious positive creation.

Historically the city of Los Angeles differs from New York in a lot of ways, geographically on the one hand, one being on the West Coast, the other on the East Coast, and culturally on the other hand, one perceived as unconventional and nearly superficial, the other considered as intellectual and worldwide.

As a European point of view, the American contemporary art is situated on the East Coast, probably due to the migration of Leo Castelli in the fifties, creating a sort of American-European axis on which all artistic exchanges started between both continents. But thanks to globalization those days are fortunately resolved and the West Coast offers important artistic perspectives.

Considered since a few years as one of the most influential pole of the contemporary creativity, Los Angeles has been dedicating a research program by the Pacific Standard Time (Getty Research Institute) to his art between 1945 and 1980. Los Angeles is becoming a new artistic hub between Asia and New York. The creative power of this city does not leave people indifferent. Curators, collectors, art critics, artists are attracted by Los Angeles that finally reached its deserved international visibility in the world of art. That is the reason why we are delighted to share those artists with you and to give you an insight of the artistic scene named “angelenaise”

Organisation of the exhibition, Choice of artists, What are we showing ? Similarities and differences…

Each artist works in Los Angeles but in very different medias: photography (Anthony Lepore, Gina Osterloh), painting (Dan Bayles, Robert Russel), sculpture (Joel Kyack, Patrick Jackson, Michael Decker), video (Candice Lin). Apart from Michael Decker, all of the aforementioned artists are represented by Francois Ghebaly Gallery with whom we are collaborating on this exhibition.

Her deep passion for art, her sharpen eye to discover visionary artists, her enthusiasm and her unique way to speak about it attracted us for this collaboration.

Misc venues for this event

The artists

  • Candice Lin
  • Joel Kyack
  • Anthony Lepore
  • Gina Osterloh
  • Dan Bayles
  • Patrick Jackson
  • Robert Russel
  • Michael Decker