L’autre… de l’image à la réalité 1/3 : vers l’autre


Film, photography

L’autre… de l’image à la réalité 1/3 : vers l’autre

Past: January 18 → March 18, 2017

The first part of the series L’Autre….De l’image à la réalité entitled “Vers l’Autre” focuses on a faraway Other and his endangered lifestyle.
The past or future extinction of many populations is the result of contacts that, from times gone until today, have disrupted ways of living and endangered societies.

The artists exhibited here went to meet the last representatives of these traditional lifestyles populations. How to present these contemporaries without reducing them to what they no longer are? How to avoid the common pitfall of exoticism? How to document the evolution of the Other and his adaptation to a globalized world?

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The artists

  • Patrick Willocq
  • Nicolas Henry
  • Thi Trinh Nguyen
  • Mario Pfeifer