L’Exégèse de Philip K. Dick — Avec Louis Castel, Hélène Collon & Pacôme Thiellement



L’Exégèse de Philip K. Dick
Avec Louis Castel, Hélène Collon & Pacôme Thiellement

Past: Thursday, May 4, 2017 4 PM → 6 PM

Printemps des Laboratoires #5

Extra Sensory Perception

Reading workshop #1 with Louis Castel and Hélène Collon


Programmed to conclude this fifth cycle of Le Printemps des Laboratoires reading group , in preparation of this year’s edition entitled Extra Sensory Perception, these three sessions will be led by specialists of Philip K. Dick‘s work, with readings, spatial writing and tales of the singular relationships they have maintained with the work of one of the most important sci-fi authors.

Hélène Collon, French literary translator, specialized in science fiction and modern fantasy writers, is currently working on the French edition of The Exegesis by Philip K. Dick — the first volume was published in October 2016, and the second tome volume is due for publication late 2017

Louis Castel, actor, aims to travel to the hidden structure of the work, attending to the very depths of text, notably those of Philip K. Dick, whom he has staged several times.


  • Reading workshop #2 jeudi 11 mai 2017
    With Louis Castel and Hélène Collon
  • Reading workshop #3 jeudi 18 mai 2017
    With Louis Castel, Hélène Collon and Pacôme Thiellement
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  • Hélène Collon
  • Pacôme Thiellement