La Maëlle Galerie participe à AKAA !


Drawing, sculpture, mixed media

La Maëlle Galerie participe à AKAA !

Past: November 10 → 12, 2017

The Maëlle Gallery is pleased to announce you his participation to AKAA art fair.

With the artists:
Jean-François Boclé
Ernest Breleur
Emmanuel Rivière

Maëlle Galerie
Booth B18
AKAA — Also Known As Africa
Carreau du temple, Paris, France

/// Special Project

The Maëlle Gallery and the artist Jean-François Boclé present The Tears of Bananaman.

Bananas remains today an icon of an exoticised fantasized elsewhere as it takes us to the figure of a dominated otherness (or alterity). The fruit tells us the impossible, yet necessary, fluidity between the endogenous and the exogenous.

In Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez returns to one of the highlights of the United Fruit Company and capitalism, the banana massacre (Massacre de las bananeras), perpetrated by the Colombian army at the request of the United Fruit Company in 1928. Nearly 1,000 unionized agricultural workers are being massacred in Ciénaga, in the region of Santa Marta (the Caribbean coast of Colombia).

This massacre was the trigger in Marquez’s novel of the rains, which lasted four years, eleven months and two days, which condemned the fictional village of Macondo. A Deluge, as a response to human greed, facing a man who stands at the top of the food chain of the living. Here we see the disembarked nurturing fruit from a Banana cargo, and on the other side of the Atlantic, the garbage islands, the toxic paradises.

These Warhol starlets appear to us in their bipolarity: immaculate yellow careless and forgetful, unbridled smiles, exotic to crunch, they appear also to us traversed by a tracery of lines and black stains revealing injured skin, scarified, folded or rotten body.

As the installation The Tears of Bananaman (2009, ongoing) where 300 kg of bananas scarified of words rot for the duration of the exhibition, this series of paintings puts in tension Paradise and toxic, exotic and worry, living and impotence. It raises the question of the toxic part of humankind as it raises the question of infringement.

/// Special public invitation for interactive performance.

The Maëlle Galelery and the artist invite you to cannibalize the Bananaman.

You are invited on Sunday November 12th at 5pm to Maëlle Gallery’s booth (B18). The artist Jean-François Boclé proposes to cannibalize the Bananaman.
The public will be handed over the bananas by the artist and will be invited to completely devour the sculpture. Cannibalism represents re appropriation and lets the “cross-over” take place. To devour the Bananaman is to ingest our contemporaneity always marked by violence and dystopia. The word cannibal is the etymology of the Caribbean. Conquistador Europe constructed the fantastical figure of cannibalism: Caniba, Cariba, Caribe, Caribbean.

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  • ACTION PARTICIPATIVE Fair Sunday, November 12, 2017 5 PM → 6 PM

    Jean François Boclé invites you to cannibalize the Bananaman.

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Bobigny – Pantin – Raymond Queneau

Opening hours

, 2 PM – 7 PM
Other times by appointment The gallery is temporarily closed until September.

The artists

  • Ernest Breleur
  • Emmanuel Rivière
  • Jean François Boclé