La Palude


Drawing, installation

La Palude

Past: January 12 → February 23, 2013

Luca Cutrufelli is work is closely linked to places he is invited to show and develops in doing so he his quest to constantly search for a deeper meaning, a point of view of both historical and social events.

The installation media, often used by the artist, immediately dominates the space by its evocative power: it represents an achievement, a synthesis of a series of syllogisms inspired by the context and the human experience of the artist, invading his work by making it even more mysterious.

Works on paper that accompany the installation become clues to reconstruct the mental journey of a philosophical nature. From a black coal, which is an absolute whole, the artist, with a simple eraser makes shapes does not, traces of light to guide us to an understanding. Indeed, Luca Cutrufelli does not draw what he wants us to see, on the contrary, he clears out of a context leaving only the action present of the present.

«La Palude» (the swamp in Italian) refers to the stagnant portion of the soul, where the worst feelings accumulate. Suddenly, pieces detach themselves from the mass, transform, and change. As at the end of a volcanic explosion, from the same material, the soul can generate contradictory feelings: some are dark, heavy (obsidian) can only dive deep and settle, others light (pumice resurface in their field wearing off rock) scars of their past.

Maria Chiara Monteleone-Travia
  • Opening Saturday, January 12, 2013 4 PM → 8:30 PM
Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain Gallery Gallery
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