La promenade


Painting, photography, sculpture

La promenade

Past: June 8 → July 13, 2012

Inspired by the novel of Robert Walser from which it borrows its title, the exhibition sketches the landscape which we discover with children’s regard — truly astonished and slighlty disbelieving.

Let’s start from a stroll in the forrest under the midday sun, surrounded by the joyful vibrations of the trees by Laurent Perbos. The clarity of the air and vivid coulours encourage us to go further. We surrender to its magic, which makes us feel like celebrating the blissful connection with the Universe but look out. You have almost stumbled on the sharp edges of what seems to be meteorites. They cover the ground forming dark, extraterrestrial shapes. Seems like they have fallen from the outer space or been pulled out from the depths of a fictitious city by Xiang Liqing. They bring the echoes of forgotten cults ordinated by the ancient masters.

Suddenly, furious drops of a May storm fall on you — confused stroller who now yearns for the cosy safeness provided by the civilised world in exchange for a few slighlty burning compromises.

Luckily just a glimpse separates you from the city — the city which emerges from the paintings by Lee Jae-Myung. Cold and distant but at the same time colourful and eye-catching. It demands form its inhabitants and strollers the willingness to play and bravery to enter its poetic dreamland. Here you can choose your own rythm and create your own choreography which weightlessness rays through the surroundings and bestows them with unexpected carefreeness.

During the stroll you often burst into other strollers. One of these strangers, Gabriel Desplanque, has drawn imaginary lines between a zoo, a green room, the sky and some other points of unknown coordinates. Like the echo of the poetic modesty worshipped by Walser, his stroll laughs at its’ own fragility. The map he has drawn shows a chaotic route, gullible but at the same time horrifying.

No matter how beautiful are the panoramas unveiled during the lazy stops, unexpected incidents and accidents set the tone of a walk. Will the bunch of flowers picked on the way make it to the table or will it be covered by snow as the stroller?

Paul Frèches
  • Opening Saturday, June 9, 2012 6 PM → 9 PM
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The artists

  • Lee Jae Myung
  • Laurent Perbos
  • Xiang Li-Qing
  • Gabriel Desplangue