Lancement de l’édition Artist-Run Spaces, around and about. 2012-2015-2017



Lancement de l’édition Artist-Run Spaces, around and about. 2012-2015-2017

Past: Monday, October 22, 2018 at 7 PM

Book presentation with Raphaël Cuir, director of ESAD Reims, Rozenn Canevet, historian and art critic, director of publication, Brice Domingues, gaphic designer, edition coordinator with design graphic section 3rd year studients, Julien Amicel, director of Thalie Foundation, Bruxelles, Shqipe Gashi, artist, Le Marquis, artists, Chevaline Corporation, artists, Firstlaid, artists and independent publishers.

With a performance of Carla Adra

Artist-Run Spaces, around and about. 2012-2015-2017 looks back at the history of the Master of Art research program at ESAD Reims. Since we were interested by the independent character of self-managed organizations like these that exist all over the world, we decided to turn it into a school of thought. Since then, the array of sociocultural, political and esthetic singularities characteristic of Artist-Run Spaces have been deployed. Their forward-looking, international programs, their collaborative economy, the way they unite people around a shared energy are all fields of exploration. Questions of visibility in the already-established network of the art world give way to questions of emergence and resistance in economic and cultural contexts that are sometimes not very conducive to artistic production. To this is added our desire to go and see several Artist-Run Spaces to understand what makes them unique. This led to a journey between the United States, France, Argentina and Morocco, a country to which we have given special attention here. Alternating between documents, communications and conversations, this publication is structured by the course taken through the territories surveyed, in a free and novel nomadism. But it also shows how a whole generation of young artists aware of these collective organization and distribution practices (Le Marquis, Firstlaid, Chevaline Corporation, Chers Amis) has taken inspiration from this model and made it into a fundamental system in art today.

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The artists

  • Raphaël Cuir
  • Chevaline Corporation
  • Rozenn Canevet
  • Carla Adra
  • Brice Domingues
  • Julien Amicel
  • Shqipe Gashi
  • Le Marquis
  • Firstlaid