Lancement de l’édition Park in Progress — Une soirée de rencontres uniques avec les artistes des Pépinières


Installation, performance, sound - music, mixed media...

Lancement de l’édition Park in Progress
Une soirée de rencontres uniques avec les artistes des Pépinières

Past: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 6 PM

At le Huit, 8 boulevard St Martin, Paris 10th

With a broad network that spreads all over Europe, and 32 countries covered by Park in progress solely, Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes enabled over 260 young artists and professionals to develop their project on new territories through this programme.

Park in progress is a travelling mobility programme developed from 2011 to 2014, gathering young artists with cultural and creative professionals; they work together in the various stages of an artistic creation, around a project that requires transdisciplinary experience.

Park in progress travels through Europe. At each stage of this journey, the young artists and creative and cultural professionals take over a park or a wooded urban area in order to create a nocturnal promenade, « European Night of Young Creation », composed of divers artistic proposals, to share with an extensive public audience.

In 2014, 140 young artists and creative professionals could meet and initiate about a hundred co-production projects along these stages.

Exemplary artistic proposals — such as these of Claudio Stellato, Nino Laisné, Stephane Kozik, Julia Hadi, Laurence Moletta, Mauro Paccagnella and many more — that were initiated along the programme found new dissemination channels which enabled them to circulate in Europe and internationally.

Stéphane Broc, who was a laureate of several editions of Park in progress, stated, after his residency in Montreuil: « For an overview of the artistic links generated by the editions of Park in progress, just have a look at my 2015 schedule. ». He then listed all his appointments to come and continued: « All these artists met during Park in progress. It is pretty clear that these encounters between artists of various fields of expression are very important and this diversity participates in the emergence of long-lasting projects. ».

Such a statement illustrates the thoughts of numerous artists who took part in the Park in progress programme and confirms the relevance of Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes’ other mobility programmes.

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