Landon Metz — Still



Landon Metz

Past: September 8 → October 13, 2012

Reflecting an ongoing interest in approaching material process as subject, this new series of paintings finds Metz continuing his recent experimentation with colored dyes poured onto unprimed canvas. Allowing the natural tendencies of his materials to offset his own intentions, Metz uses both brush and hand to respond to the dyes, an instinctual but decisive process in which composition and content reveal themselves gradually. As the pigment eventually soaks into the unprimed canvas, the picture plane becomes a homogeneous textural field, a static document whose elegance, spatial nuance, and visual depth reflect a skillful and deliberate handling of form, scale, and color.

The paintings on display in Still are ultimately about doing away with notions of separation, whether it be between artist and medium, material and ground, color and shape, or positive and negative space.

As is always the case in Metz’s work, the paintings are at once intellectual and intimate, expanding the scope of his formal investigations while inviting the audience to consider the larger discussions of perception, mindfulness, and interconnection that drive his practice.

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