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Atelier, performance et concert

Past: Friday, September 25, 2015

While touring Europe to give a series of concerts, legendary musician Laraaji, on the initiative of curator and music and film programmer Maxime Guitton, will be making a detour via Paris to present a workshop and give an exceptional concert at the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers on Friday 25th September.
The workshop, The Peace Garden, will be an immersive time in a celestial, meditative sound environment coupled with a musical performance by Laraaji and with healing sounds by Arji OceAnanda. The concert, Celestial Sound Immersion, will offer a live music performance by Laraaji where the electronic zither, mbire (kalimba), ancient gong, ambient laughter, exploratory light language, voice and chimes will immerse the public in a bathing stream of heavenly sounds the same day.

The Peace Garden

Friday 25th September 2015, 2 pm to 3:30 pm

Workshop for a peace affirmative Live yoga soundscape immersion environment with a musical performance of live music by Laraaji and of healing sounds by Arji OceAnanda.

The workshop of the legendary musician Laraaji and his friend Arji OceAnanda is a proposal to connect deeper into the inner «Peace Garden» through a journey of guided call-response chanting with Yoga sound syllables, of exploratory Light Language and of gentle stretch and laughter breathing postures as we prepare to enter a yoga sound meditation posture called savasana, which simply involves lying passively and comfortably on a prepared floor with the mind as empty as a Corpse’s and with a blind fold covering our eyes. This immersive and interactive experience will be concluded by a continuous flow of live original intuitive music from Celestial Zither, Ancient Gong, singing bowls, Gentle Wind Chimes, Voice and Ambient Light Language to wash over you, through you and inside you allowing you to drop even further into your own inner timeless “Peace Garden”.

Please make sure you dress comfortably and bring a scarf or bandana for a blindfold and a bottle of drinking water. The workshop will be run in English and is open to participants of all abilities (previous yoga experience is not required).

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Celestial Sound Immersion

Friday 25th September 2015, from 8 pm

Concert of the Mystic Musician LARAAJI proposed and presented by Maxime Guitton, musical and film programmer, curator.

To an audience comfortably seated on the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers floor ready to participate in a deep listening experience, Laraaji will present a continuous immersive sound bath of live celestial sounds and tones with electronic zither, mbire (kalimba), ancient gong, ambient laughter, exploratory light language, vocals and chimes to effortlessly transport you on an inner journey to places and visions of deep release, rest and harmonisation.

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