Larissa Fassler — Worlds Inside


Architecture, drawing, painting

Larissa Fassler
Worlds Inside

Past: January 29 → February 27, 2016

Simultaneously with her first retrospective exhibition held at Centre culturel canadien until April 1st, the gallery will present new works by Larissa Fassler involving Parisian Gare du Nord site. Her work is constructed out of a mass of topographic tracking, sketches, observations, and feelings that she experiences on site, and that are then synthesised into large graphic compositions, models, and sculptures. Her work is organised in series based upon specific urban sites : Taksim Square (Istanbul, 2015), Regent Street (London, 2009), Schlossplatz (Berlin, 2013), Place de la Concorde (Paris, 2010)…

This project is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Ville de Paris / Institut Français (Lauréat du programme de résidences internationales aux Récollets) and by Centre culturel canadien, Paris.

  • Opening Friday, January 29, 2016 at 4 PM
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