L’Arrivée des Japonais en France


Collage, drawing, print, installation...

L’Arrivée des Japonais en France

Past: June 5 → 7, 2014

The Maison du Japon CIUP presents the collective exhibition ‘L’Arrivée des Japonais en France’ with six young talented Japanese artists, each originating from different artistic domains. The exhibition focuses on the attention given, by young Japanese artists living abroad, to the distance which separates them from their country.

11h – 19h

CIUP – Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris Gallery Gallery
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17, bd Jourdan

75014 Paris

T. 01 44 16 64 00


Porte d'Orléans

The artists

  • Rie Iwatake
  • Junya Kataoka
  • Marina Watanabe
  • Megumi Sato
  • Naoko Ueda
  • Taeko Maezawa