Laura Huertas Millán — Opérations pour une disparition


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Laura Huertas Millán
Opérations pour une disparition

Past: Friday, December 2, 2016 7:30 PM → 11:30 PM

A ritual takes shape around the cinema screen.

Electromagnetic waves converted into sounds fill the screening space. A tribute to Aby Warburg’s Serpent Ritual — during an annual ceremony, Hopi dancers would enter into communication with lightning by inserting a rattle-snake in their mouths. Warburg observes how the arrival of electricity in this Native American community in New Mexico coincided with the disappearance of the ritual — because electricity is domesticated lightning…

This immersion in electric current will continue with the screening of two films. The conservator of an ethnographic museum is taking care of a very old item of native clothing. The second film involves a conversation between a mother and her daughter. Their blood tie vibrates across the screen while they struggle to make sense of the conflicts of their impossible familial bond. We interrogate the meaning of taking care, sometimes we sense fusion, at other times rupture.

The ritual culminates in the birth — or invocation? — of a fictional character. A revolutionary (or criminal?) transvestite who precociously embodies women’s liberation, before fissuring ethics a little bit more. Her story will be a call to trance.

« Opérations pour une disparition » is the second phase of the travelling exhibition Disappearing operations, presented as an expanded cinema session, approximately two hours long.

__En collaboration avec Lyes Hammadouche et Eva Revox.


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