Le Bureau des publics s’expose !


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Le Bureau des publics s’expose !

Ends in 3 months: September 17 → December 17, 2023

At the heart of Crédac’s artistic project, the Audience Office’s mission is to encourage encounters with contemporary artistic approaches. With this aim in mind, it develops a program of activities and specific projects for audiences of all backgrounds.

In autumn 2023, Crédac will be showcasing three projects carried out by the Bureau des publics, from 2021 to the present day. The fruit of collaboration between artists, audiences and the Bureau des publics team, these three flagship projects reflect the diversity of the art center’s visitors and possible artistic practices. The three actions represent several months of reflection and experimentation. Their aim is to encourage individual expression, without standardizing experiences, so as to enable everyone to build their own path to artistic practice. The aim is also to ensure that the pleasure of the path taken can continue beyond the given time of the action.

The program begins with the film Bouillon Blanc, produced by podcast creator Hélène Carbonnel and curator Marion Vasseur Raluy, with residents and staff of the Ehpad l’Orangerie in Ivry.
Bouillon Blanc is the result of several work sessions that led to the creation of a choral film in which characters invented by the residents question the notion of care.

La danse des briques reports on the intergenerational project carried out with the Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne and the Maison de quartier Monmousseau-Vérollot in Ivry. In the company of dancer Luara Raio and video artist Thomas James, a group of Maison de quartier users discover the secrets behind the scenes of Crédac and La Briqueterie, two former factories transformed into artistic and cultural spaces. Participants make a collective film to tell the unusual story of these places, blending it with their own life stories.

Hors-jeu was produced by Julia Borderie and students from the Métier de la relation client vocational secondary school at Lycée Robert Schuman in Charenton-le-Pont, and the UPE2A class from Lycée François Arago in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. Accompanied by the artist, students and teachers analyze how sport reflects our society and invent a new, more inclusive and egalitarian game, with the aim of proposing a different way of expressing oneself and conceiving success.

Lucia Zapparoli, Head of the Public Department


Saturday September 16 and Sunday September 17: the three films are shown in a loop (5pm-9pm Saturday and 2pm-7pm Sunday)
September 20 — October 15: Bouillon blanc
October 18 — November 12: La danse des briques
November 15 — December 17: Hors-jeu

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La Manufacture des Œillets,
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Mairie d'Ivry

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  • Julia Borderie
  • Marion Vasseur Raluy
  • Hélène Carbonnel
  • Thomas James
  • Luara Raio