Le synthétique au cœur de l’humain — Plastic Heart: Surface All the Way Through


Mixed media

Le synthétique au cœur de l’humain
Plastic Heart: Surface All the Way Through

Past: November 16, 2022 → March 24, 2023

Centre culturel canadien 12 1 grid Le synthétique au cœur de l’humain — Centre culturel canadien Si l’ambition de l’exposition Le synthétique au coeur de l’humain organisé par The Synthetic Collective au Centre culturel canadien... 2 - Bien Critique

Curated by The Synthetic Collective — Opening of the exhibition on November 15 from 6pm to 9.30pm (last entrance at 9pm) Exhibition: November 15, 2022 — March 24, 2023

Plastic Heart: Surface All the Way Through is what happens when scientists and artists create a project together to build relationships and impact change in society, museums, and industry on one of today’s vital issues: the impact of plastic pollution. The exhibition examines plastic in all its complexity, and the way in which artists have seized upon it and are now critically questioning its use. Plastic is presented here as art material, cultural object, geologic process, petrochemical product, and a synthetic substance fully entangled with the human body. The exhibition includes historical and contemporary artworks that relate to plastic as a politically loaded material, and investigations into the paradoxes of plastic conservation in museum collections.

The Great Lakes in North America are home to 21% of the planet’s fresh surface water, but the region is also home to pollution-intensive industry. The Synthetic Collective provides a first-ever snapshot of post-industrial microplastics pollution on the shores of the Great Lakes, while questioning our collective responsibility around the use of plastic and showing us how arts-based approaches to thinking and working can make viable contributions to environmental science and activism.

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Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM

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Free entrance

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The artists

  • General Idea
  • Pierre Huyghe
  • Fred Eversley
  • Aude Pariset
  • Claes Oldenburg
  • Joyce Wieland
  • Françoise Sullivan
  • Kelly Jazvac
  • Christina Battle
  • Iain Baxter
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