Léa Maleh — AMN — L’art du sacre 2.0


Design, sculpture

Léa Maleh
AMN — L’art du sacre 2.0

Past: November 6 → 8, 2015

For her first solo exhibition, Lea Maleh will present new pieces from her AMN collection, inspired by liturgical art.

Crafted using digital fabrication techniques (3D printing, CNC routing…) and already showcased this year at the prestigious Arte Laguna prize in Venice and during the Off of Paris Design Week, Lea Maleh’s sculptures give a second life to liturgical objects without their sacred connotation, while paying tribute to the craftsmen that made them.

The artist will be pleased to welcome you november 6th to 8th to talk about new technologies and to raise the “craft 2.0” question.  


Léa Maleh’s work will also be featured early 2016 in the "Contemporary Art of Excellence book — Volume 2” and during Oxford International Art Fair in February 2016.

Atelier 2 medium
Léa Maleh, vue d’atelier
Atelier 6 medium
Léa Maleh, vue d’atelier
Mosteiro medium
Léa Maleh, vue d’atelier
  • Opening Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 7 PM

    Sur invitation uniquement.

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  • Léa Maleh