Leigh Ledare — Double Bind


Collage, photography

Leigh Ledare
Double Bind

Past: September 13 → November 10, 2012

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25 years have passed, 25 years of producing artist’s books, artist’s videos, artist’s films, artist’s installations, artist’s multiples, multiple collaborations et one first year of exhibitions in Paris.

mfc-michèle didier turns «25 + 1»!

On this occasion, the publisher will make no exception; mfc-michèle didier remains true to the artists and their productions with the latest publication, Double Bind.

To celebrate this double anniversary, mfc-michèle didier has chosen to collaborate with the American artist Leigh Ledare. The artist uses photography, archival material, text and taboo to interrogate human and social relationships, and the photographic medium itself in equal turns. Just like his mentor Larry Clark, Leigh Ledare deals with rather sensitive subjects.

After he made headlines with Pretend You’re Actually Alive, a work based on the documentation of his mother’s extraverted sexuality, he explores in this new project a couple’s intimacy, challenged by a love triangle. Double Bind consists of two series of photographs, made during two successive photo shoots, reuniting first the artist and his ex-wife, Meghan Ledare-Fedderly, and afterwards, Meghan and her current husband, the photograph Adam Fedderly. These two photographic archives, mysterious and at the same time based on an assumed voyeurism, are the subject of one of the constitutive volumes of Double Bind.

This new publication gives rise to the Double Bind exhibition.

  • Opening Thursday, September 13, 2012 6 PM → 9 PM

    In presence of the artist, for the joint opening with the galleries in le Haut-Marais.

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