Lene Bødker — Ce qui suit — What follows



Lene Bødker
Ce qui suit — What follows

Past: April 27 → June 17, 2017

The biblical sense of the term knowledge evokes the intimate experience of a mystery. A definition that differs completely from the one inherited from the Age of Enlightenment, which possesses a rational and empirical dimension. Thus, there is a form of paradox that emerges here for Western Judeo-Christian societies, between the desire for enlightenment, and the forbidden, choice and fault.

Lene Bødker’s most recent work draws its inspiration from the story of The Fall, from the fundamentals that come from it and by which our contemporary societies are still deeply influenced. Far from a simple illustration of the story, the artist takes isolated elements and thematics which she treats as sculpture in order to give them the archetypal, metaphorical dimension that caracterizes her work. The human body is introduced explicitely next to the more abstract geometric and organic shapes, that used to prevail in her universe until now. A different nerve and a newly found fragility can be felt in these sculptures, which mark a turning point in her work.

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