Les Analogues — Group show


Collage, drawing, painting, sculpture...

Les Analogues
Group show

Past: June 20 → July 18, 2020

There are encounters we keep on remembering, that we like to think about as good friends. The artworks we are familiar with belong to these kind of elective assemblies. Their image floats long before reappearing in our memory, always singularly according to the context of their invocation: the sight of a landscape or the features of a face revealing its contours; one work reminds another; a dream, a few words are sometimes enough to revive its colours. Such as a Proustian vision of a world within us, whose cycle of connections composes a story by chance. By analogy.

Taking up this premise, I conceived this exhibition like a game, remotely and based on the memory I had of the works of the artists gathered here. Giving myself one rule, grouping them together according to their formal or mental affinities, I tried to recover this sensitive and intimate relationship to the work, but also to reactivate a certain mobility of the gaze. Composing with seventeen artists is like raising the Tower of Babel, each one speaking a different language. Yet the voice of some echoes the grammar of others and composes a walk that leaves plenty of room to visual poetry. From one to the next, common features are emerging and rebounding as rhymes. A detail is doubled, an atmosphere is infusing, a theme is repeated. From far and wide, a weave is woven, like a tale or a charade. Let’s say: a family spirit.

Curated by Thibault Bissirier

  • Opening Saturday, June 20, 2020 4 PM → 8 PM