Les Hiéroglyphes de Keith Haring — Une exposition dont vous êtes le héros.


Urban art

Les Hiéroglyphes de Keith Haring
Une exposition dont vous êtes le héros.

Past: March 16, 2011 → October 1, 2012

This year, the Musée en Herbe shall venture into new territory and showcase over 50 original Keith Haring art works as well as a stele and an Egyptian sarcophagus! Taking a new direction: in the evenings children shall loan their museum to the grown-ups so that even they can partake in the fun!!

Come and take a stroll down the streets of New York and discover the different aspects of Keith Haring’s works including… the Houston Street mural, various Subway drawings, the Pop Shop, his graffiti alphabet, a car painted by Haring in 1984 at the 24 hours of Le Mans (the world’s oldest car race) and last but not least a selection of Haring’s sculptures watched over by his famous Three Eyes.

Keith Haring’s vocabulary, symbols and modern hieroglyphics shall serve as a guiding thread throughout the visit. Vistors end their voyage by travelling back in time to Ancient Egypt where they shall discover a genuine stele and an Egyptian sarcophagus placed vis-à-vis Keith Haring’s totem.

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