Les Trois Grâces


Mixed media

Les Trois Grâces

Past: May 4 → June 15, 2013

This subject as old as the world has framed countless images, both known and fantasized.

With no pretention of creating a scientific or museum exhibition, it is a contemporary reading of The Three Graces that originated from the discovery of the sumptuous and astounding ten minutes film by Jean-Luc Moulène made in Oxford in 2012 for his exhibition at the Modern Art Oxford.

Several artists from the gallery have been invited to create a work especially for this occasion, each giving his or her own interpretation of The Three Graces. Abraham Cruzvillegas, Thomas Hirschhorn, Elizabeth Peyton, Danh Vo, Heimo Zobernig have gladly made this theme their own. Works of James Ensor, Francis Picabia and Rudolf von Laban round off the exhibition.

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