L’hiver ou le déluge


Mixed media

L’hiver ou le déluge

Past: April 16 → May 14, 2011

A proposition by Shanta Rao, Rada Boukova and Thomas Fontaine at the invitation of Galerie Nathalie Obadia.

Bertran Berrenger/ Rada Boukova/ Guillaume Bresson / Yann Coléno
Louise Crawford and Stephan Guéneau / Baptiste Debombourg/ David Evrard
Thomas Fontaine / Elodie Huet/ Shanta Rao/ Eric Stephany /Maxime Thieffine

These artists represent a wide range of practices and do not form a collective, preferring to come together on a temporary basis, a bit like those All Stars bands formed by musicians for an album or a tour. The composition of these artistic Travelling Willoughbies vary in accordance with their invitations, projects and collaborations. They are driven by the desire to create resonances and confrontations that install a dynamic and encourage dialogue and the redefinition of works around a theme. This carte blanche follows the exhibition Invisible ? presented at the Belleville biennale in 2010.

Bertran Berrenger (duo) — Live and work in Rouen. Fabrice Bertran and Jean-Paul Berrenger have been making three-dimensional works, videos and sound pieces together for fifteen years, exploring the limits and shifts in the forms of representation of the real. The artists featured in Les Élixirs de Panacée at the Musée de la Bénédictine in Fécamp in 2010.

Rada Boukova — Lives and works in Paris. Exploiting the importance of what lies outside the frame, Rada Boukova produces images that theatricalise the relation between the material that is used and what it is used, arbitrarily, to represent, making us aware of our ambiguous relation to the world and its weirdness. In 2010 she featured in the exhibition There Has Been No Future, There Will Be No Past at ICSP, New York.

Guillaume Bresson — Lives and works in Paris. His work questions the notions of mise-en-scène and narration in painting. Stereotypes, iconographic displacements, modern architecture and imaginary landscapes contribute to these stories without a title. A series of paintings by Guillaume Bresson was shown in the exhibition Dynasty at the Palais de Tokyo and Musée d’Art Moderne in 2010.

Yann Coléno — Lives and works in Paris. Yann Coléno works on our cultural unconscious via a discontinuous and deliberately nomadic series of works. The artist took part in the Dieppe Biennal of Contemporary Art in 2007.

Louise Crawford and Stephan Gueneau — Live and work in Paris, Berlin and Glasgow. Alumni of Le Fresnoy — Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Louise Crawford and Stephan Gueneau explore the subtle ways in which history informs the present. In 2010 their work featured at the Glasgow International Biennial.

Baptiste Debombourg — Lives and works in Paris. In his installations Baptiste Debombourg explores the psychology of our relation to objects and questions the meaning of our actions. His work was shown at Galerie Patricia Dorfman in 2008.

David Evrard — Lives and works in Brussels. He writes and makes photographs, drawings and sculptures. His work has gradually shifted from critique towards more literary and contextual practices. After a residence at Le Confort Modern in Poitiers he had an exhibition there in 2010 titled Less Playboy is more Cowboys.

Thomas Fontaine — Lives and works in Paris. Thomas Fontaine makers the supernatural seem at once ordinary and strange, or even fantastic, while questioning our perception of our surroundings. He co-organised and participated in the exhibition L’iceberg at module 1 of the Palais de Tokyo in 2007.

Elodie Huet — Lives and works in Paris. Elodie Huet questions the way we use everyday objects. She manipulates images and their transmission. She featured in the exhibition Strates et discontinuités at Le Centre d’Art Micro Onde, Vélizy, in 2010.

Shanta Rao — Lives and works in Paris. Shanta Rao uses accumulation — images and/or materials — as working principle, combining serigraphy, digital media and actions. In her work the original images break up into grains, pixels or blotches, undermining all forms of symbolic communication. Shanta Rao has had a number of solo and group shows, notably Première Vue at Le Passage de Retz.

Eric Stephany — Lives and works in Berlin. Working with the heritages of postwar modernist architecture, Minimalism and Conceptual Art, Eric Stephany conceives his art in terms not of quotation or appropriation but of extraction. The body is at the centre of his art as he transforms his references into the territories for new fictions. In 2010 his work was shown at ISCP, New York, the Musée des Abattoirs in Toulouse and the Institut Français in Berlin.

Maxime Thieffine — Lives and works in Paris and Saint-Denis. In his plastic language Maxime Thieffine treats material, objects, language and images as information to be distributed in space. A graduate of Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Maxime Thieffine featured in No Soul For Sale at Tate Modern in 2010.

  • Opening Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 3 PM
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