Light & Dark — The Projections of Robert Barry 1967-2012


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Light & Dark
The Projections of Robert Barry 1967-2012

Past: December 14, 2012 → January 26, 2013

Yvon Lambert is pleased to present the exhibition Light and Dark — The Projections of Robert Barry 1967 — 2012 by the American artist Robert Barry.

Barry is one of the four founders of the conceptual art movement. He started working with Yvon Lambert in 1969 and since this time more than 20 exhibitions have been organized with the artist at the gallery.

Debuting in France, Yvon Lambert presents an exhibition exclusively devoted to Barry’s 16 mm films and videos, as well as a seminal slide projection from the artist’s oeuvre, Belmont, 1967. The works have been shown separately in important institutions around the world, but this is the first occasion they will be shown together. Thus, historical works from the 60’s such as Scenes, 1967 (16mm film shown at the Van Abbe Museum and at the Whitney Museum) or Red Seconds, 1966-1967 (presented at the Tate Modern) will be shown in conversation with contemporary works such as Love songs (Cole Porter) and Thirteen pieces, 2012.

A dozen works evoking the theme of movement and travel (real, artistic, and metaphysical) will be presented throughout the gallery. The space will be both intimate yet dynamic to accommodate the historical works in their original context but at the same time facilitate interaction with Barry’s most contemporary pieces. The exhibition aims to shed light on an often-overlooked part of Barry’s dynamic oeuvre (films) and facilitate a rediscovery of the artist’s journey : from the material object to the invisible thought from the static word to the evocative connotations and from the fleeting moment to the lingering epoch.

A work in situ will be completed April 2013 at the Consortium in Dijon and a two volume monograph, with a text by Robert Storr, will be published by Presses du Réel in 2014.

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