Linda Hofvander — Variables


Drawing, installation, photography, sculpture...

Linda Hofvander

Past: May 23 → July 26, 2014

The images construct minimal fictions, letting us experience once again the pleasure of modest sensations.

As a photographer, Linda Hofvander invents scenarios with props that function with minimum effects. Her use of photography is founded on investigations and a critical interpretation of the specific parameters of this medium. She closely mingles an apparently documentary expression with undeniable formalism, pushing the viewer to observe with extreme precision. One of her favorite subjects could be defined as slight alterations of our vision of reality. In this way, her work would correspond to Bernard Lamarche-Vadel expectation, whose high standards identified in the most singular photographers « the search for perception thresholds ».

In her super 8 movies bodily presences are created, remaining close to her subjects in a blur to which is added the grain of the film.

Her artist book Ways of describing stages characters in open gestures and attitudes, the vagueness of their possible evolution prevailing. All have a privileged relation to tactility. The other reproduced images recall her way of producing almost empty images, but in which the central part is occupied by a mundane object. Her prints have simple and straightforward titles : unique words that define the principal form presented in the frame. She often constructs wide-angle compositions, exploiting fully the qualities of the shadows and lights.

Christian Gattinoni
  • Opening Thursday, May 22, 2014 6 PM → 9 PM
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