Baptiste Debombourg / Lionel Sabatté — Quelques secondes roses


Sculpture, mixed media

Baptiste Debombourg / Lionel Sabatté
Quelques secondes roses

Past: March 24 → April 30, 2010

Day after day my work is a challenge. Working in context I try to ask myself a question how is the life there. For me to work in context is not to be sensible only with the space but also with the life and the people living there.
My work is build with help of the others. It is very important to consider what you can learn from other people, it is very important to be attentive.
For me art links people together. Whatever you do, you must make a relation with another people. If a photographer wants to get a good expression from his model he has to be attentive and listening.
What interests me more isn’t so much the material itself, but what the work provokes in the situation viewed.

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